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IGRD22: Writing with Ruby Goodnight

IGRDP icon newIn episode 22 of the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast, Molly and Harper sit down with Ruby Goodnight to discuss all things writing in the adult industry.

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In true English fashion, we welcome Ruby Goodnight to the podcast, and immediately throw ourselves into discussing – what else? – the weather.

Conversation with Ruby Goodnight
Molly takes the reins, and we start by hearing all about Ruby’s history and how she came to be Ruby Goodnight: from pro-sub to special education teacher to debt manager to professional adult writing. She also gives a little glimpse of her relationship with her now wife and the decision to have her son.

This leads to conversation about Fifty Shades of Grey and all its many pros and cons. Ruby takes questions from @CJForrestauthor and @mischiefkkitten, which brings about discussion on how to build a portfolio for adult writing, what events to attend, and how (not) to use Twitter professionally.

Finally we daydream about the Feminist Porn Awards and Conference and Ruby names Tristan Taormino, Jiz Lee, and Pandora Blake as the types of pornographers we should all be watching, as well as throwing her two cents in on the recent emergence of Belle Knox!

If you want to get in touch with Ruby, you can find her on Twitter @RubyGoodnight, you can visit her website rubygoodnight.com, and you can email her on smut@rubygoodnightcom. She is always happy to answer questions.

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