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IGRD21: Labels (almost) Live

IGRDP icon newIn episode 21 of the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast, and after a failed live recording, Molly and Harper recreate their Eroticon session Using Words: making labels work for you, but this time with hindsight and digressions.

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Our recreated Eroticon session
If you’d like to see what went on at Eroticon 2014 and read details of our session, please visit the schedule on the Write Sex Right site.

Some made up and/or re-appropriated labels from people who attended our session, and a few from twitter. If you want full descriptions, you’ll have to ask the people below to explain it themselves…
Sexual Magpie – EA Unadorned
Blue Moon Dom – Being Blacksilk
Swapping boyfriend and girlfriend – Gryphon
Sir (from a male bottom, to a female top) – Sex with Rose
Submistress – Dirty Little Whispers
Heteromonogamous – Innocent Loverboy
Skeptically Agnostic Buddhist – Charlie J. Forrest
Glamazon – Sex with Rose

If you have any made up labels of your own, please do get in touch via the info below!

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