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IGRD18: Long Distance Relationships

IGRDP icon newIn episode 18 of the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast, Molly and Harper discuss long distance relationships, a topic they are perhaps all too familiar with. With your recommended fortnightly dose of spam poetry.

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Show Notes – IGRD18: Long Distance Relationships
Molly and Harper are well, and their knees are touching, and they are surrounded by the smell of cake… They also mentioned these adorably awkward cats.

Both Molly and Harper will be in Bristol on 8th and 9th March, for Eroticon 2014! Book your tickets now and come along.

Long Distance Relationships
A discussion led by the following questions:

How ‘long distance’ is long distance?
How do long distance relationships start?
What happens when you miscommunicate via email because you’re not around at the same time?
What insecurities/jealousies can arise from long distance situations in particular?
But aren’t all online relationships fake?
Do people in LDR’s use one surefire method to keep in touch or do they juggle multiple methods/mediums?
For monogamous couples, does there tend to be a difference in how intimacy is defined, as regards cheating?

Many thanks to @Lillith_M, @RubyGoodnight, @bambionmyknees, @jadeserotica, @dedi644, @SilverDropUK, @BurlesqueBun, @SesshaBatto, @RynJ21, @ladypandorah, and @RebelsNotes for questions, queries, and prompts.

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Dom Signs’ Spam Poetry
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